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Inclusive cycling for all

‘International Day of Persons with Disabilities’ is on 3rd December and disabilities can affect people in very different ways.

Cycling4All Shropshire (C4AS) has been set up with the aim to get more people on a bike, particularly people who face mobility challenges.

One of our users commented: "Following a head injury, I found it hard to walk on a pavement as there were so many obstructions and I didn’t realise how much concentration it would take. I went to the local sports centre with the aim to improve my confidence and general ability. This is where I became aware of the range of adaptive cycles available.

This led me to get involved with C4AS, a group of volunteers who encourage people to

try adaptive cycling. For me getting the confidence to go on a bike was a big step which gave me freedom and independence as I can’t drive due to medical reasons".

C4AS believe that anyone can enjoy cycling, you just need to have the right bike, friendly help and support! C4AS offer opportunities for everyone including people with disabilities and health conditions to take part in cycling.

We meet up as a group over the cycling season to allow people of all abilities to cycle together. The idea is that the more confident cyclists can support the less confident to be able to get out and enjoy the great Shropshire area.

Enjoying riding in the Quarry in Shrewsbury

If you are interested in joining us, please look on our Events page on this website for details of current activities

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