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End of season social gathering - and you're invited!

Hi Everyone,

This year has been very positive and successful for Cycling 4 All Shropshire, if we count the numbers of people riding with us, (on varied cycles), those trained up to be tandem-leaders and enjoying the ride as stokers! We’ve met some wonderful people and thank you all for contributions you’ve made to help “turn the wheels”. We’re closing our active season with a social gathering - to which you’re invited! MONDAY, 23rd OCTOBER 6pm onwards at ST. NICHOLAS Bar & Grill, CASTLE STREET. SY1 2BQ Ray Hughes has been involved with C4AS from the outset - about 12 years we think - and more recently as Chairman! His knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm for all things cycling has been our underpinning throughout. Unfortunately for C4AS, due to changes in work pressures etc etc, Ray has decided to resign from C4AS - leaving a huge gap! However, we have had several new cyclists join us over the last couple of years so Ray feels that it’s a good time to allow others to step forward. Our social event will be a welcome opportunity to say a cheery, formal farewell to Ray and perhaps share memories and achievements. We hope you’ll join us!


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