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Help us save the cycling budget!

via we are cycling UK

On 9 March, the Government slashed dedicated funding for cycling infrastructure and active travel by two-thirds, from £308m to £100m over the next two years.

This is a devastating funding cut and a huge step backwards for cycling in England – which is why we’ve written to the Prime Minister and to every MP in England to call for these cuts to be reversed to save the cycling budget.

Now we’re asking that you add your voice to ours and write to your MP today.

58% of people support increased investment in cycling infrastructure, while just 14% oppose it.

But that vocal minority often drown out the millions of people who want to see safe networks of quality cycle lanes in their towns and cities.

That’s why it’s so important that everyone who supports cycling asks their MP to pressure Government to save the cycling budget.

What do the cuts mean for cycling?

The reduction in funding comes alongside a ‘record £40bn’ investment in other transport infrastructure over the next two years – with vast sums channeled into major road upgrades but a miniscule £100m remaining for cycling – just 0.25% of that £40bn investment.

Despite representing only a tiny saving for the Treasury, the cuts mean that many local authorities will no longer be able to deliver the cycling and walking schemes that they were asked by this Government to spent time and money developing.

It’s vitally important that we ensure MPs from all political parties recognise that cycling isn’t just a brilliant way to create a healthier, greener society, but is something that is passionately supported by their constituents. We urge you reach out to your MP, and ask them to tell the Government to restore the active travel budget.

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